USAHitman Back Online After 2 Plus Years….

Yes, it’s true…. has come back online for more news/information and other great content. Yes we have been offline for more than two years, which is sad and frustrating for me. I have missed a lot of happenings and events which deserved more light upon them but I have other importance in my daily life and that needed more attention then the world of the strange.

I am glad to say, Ill be trying to update everyone with some interesting new research and topics I have been following which will be coming up in future posts in 2019. But for now enjoy our older articles which is still the complete archive from 2010. To be honest with everyone, I’m still kinda nervous about some of the content which will be controversial and not to mention the internet seems to be a much “different” place even from only a couple years ago.

Freedom of Speech seems to be a thing of the past, along with common sense and respect for our fellow humans… Sure people are complete assholes, but we are only for seeking the truth. The enlightened few who control this Earth are only here to hide the truth and silence the ones who are on the path to righteousness. We should be the ‘land of the free’ but instead we are nothing but enslaved sheep. I can promise that our work is not intended to hurt anyone but to provide a fair and open debate about the facts of the claim.

“The Truth Is Out There” -x files