Boat Ramp Access Has Been Closed Due To Coronavirus… Closed all exits

Now closing of boat ramps seems extreme and very New World Order idea to keep everyone where they are. But it first started with closing of stores/jobs, then parks (then removing the basketball nets) and now closing of the public access boat ramps? Why are they trying to close off all the exits? Well it’s happening on the east and west coast. Ill post a handful of articles which prove they are closing boat ramps across the nation.

SC: Beaches, boat ramps shut down in latest executive order from governor

Gov. Henry McMaster signed an executive order Monday to shut down access to public beaches and boat ramps on lakes, rivers and waterways. 

The order includes public beach access points, public piers, docks, wharfs, boat ramps and boat landings that provide public access to public waters. Also, beaching or rafting of boats is prohibited. Anchoring to fish is allowed. It does not apply to people with current commercial fishing licenses or permits. 

Boat ramps close along California coast, places recreation fishing on hold

Coronavirus worries have reached beyond land with new concerns for the Monterey Bay. The recreational fishing season was scheduled to begin for rock cod and salmon this week but now appears to be on hold for now across the California coast.

Boat Launch ramps up and down the California Coast including here at the Santa Cruz Harbor and Monterey are closed indefinitely for recreational fishing

After seeing neighboring harbors shut down access to boat launches the Santa Cruz Harbor was one of the last along the coast to close.

Manatee County, Florida to close all public boat ramps

Starting Thursday morning, boat ramps in Manatee County will be closed to the public to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus, officials announced at a public meeting Tuesday morning.

The announcement comes just days after county officials made the decision to close public beaches. Over the weekend, however, visitors were seen boating in tight formation near Longboat Pass.

Numerous parks, boat ramps closing on Lanier, Georgia

The Army Corps of Engineers has closed many area parks, boat ramps and beaches this week as result of the lake level rising above 1,073 feet above sea level.

Lanier’s normal winter full pool is 1,070 feet.

As of Tuesday evening, the level was at 1,074.58 feet. Corps officials said they believe that, with rainfall moving toward the lake in creeks and streams, it could top 1,075 feet by Wednesday.

So what’s really going on with all this coronavirus information? Notice in the last article they claim shutting down the parks/boat ramps because of rising lake level.. But why did they close them in different areas? There is a lot of speculation but no one can be sure. Either there is a event about to happen and/or they are trying to prevent people from leaving the area by boat. So whats your theory? Tweet me with your ideas!