Is Coronavirus Getting Started or is it All Fake News?

First let me post the first theory about democratic states/governors who are declaring state of emergencies. Seems like this is a last ditch effort of trying to destroy Trump, our economy and our nation.. They are trying to create chaos it seems. Most of the stores are already cleaned out of cans, toilet paper, and especially hand sanitizer/cleaners and it’s only will get worse when more people panic from the media coverage. Below is all the quotes from news articles which outline the lock-downs in America. Ill post other theories below all the quoted articles.

Anti-Trump States Coronavirus and Lockdowns?

The interesting thing is that most of the democratic states/governors such as New York, California, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut, Kentucky have declared state of emergencies which will last for a 30 day period.

Now we recently heard the national guard is on the way to New York to help contain the virus. it’s only matter of time before the national guard shows up in these cities, which I quoted below. So what is going to happen? Were not sure but everyone should stock up. I took time off from the website to prepare my self… Many of you should be getting water/food and other supplies before the chaos gets worse.

N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Deploys National Guard To Control Coronavirus Outbreak In New Rochelle

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday announced the National Guard will be deployed to New Rochelle to help deal with the coronavirus outbreak.State of Emergency has already been enacted.

The governor made the announcement in Albany while confirming the state had reached a total of 173 positive cases of the virus. He notes that New Rochelle is the most impacted are in the state with a total of 108 cases — many of them linked to a 50-year-old attorney who was among the first patients in New York diagnosed with COVID-19.

To help control the spread of the virus in the area, Cuomo said there will be a containment zone in New Rochelle extending in a 1-mile radius from around a point near the Young Israel of New Rochelle synagogue, which is linked to several cases. The National Guard will be deployed to that area to deliver food and assist in cleaning surfaces. The center will be “the situs of the majority of the cases.”

“The largest cluster of confirmed coronavirus cases in the country is located in New Rochelle, and as the numbers continue to go up we need a special public health strategy to contain it,”  Cuomo said. “We are moving from containment to mitigation, and because much of the transmission of this disease tends to happen on a geographic basis, we are attacking this hotspot at the source.”

Beginning March 12, there will also be a two-week period in which all public facilities within the containment zone will be closed – including all schools and houses of worship.


Colorado’s governor just declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus

Gov. Jared Polis of Colorado on Tuesday declared a state of emergency over the coronavirus outbreak after the state confirmed its 15th case in a matter of days.

While Colorado doesn’t have as many confirmed cases as other states, the concerning part is that the cases are all over the state, including mountain areas where people ski and that are still in tourist season; the greater Denver area; and the northern and western parts of the state.

The state of emergency involves ensuring that workers in industries like food handling, hospitality, childcare, healthcare, and education will get tested and stay home if they exhibit flu-like symptoms. The governor directed the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment “to engage in emergency rulemaking” to make sure these workers get sick leave even while awaiting their test results for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

He also directed the department to find other methods of payment for workers who test positive but don’t have access to sick leave, such as unemployment insurance.

Colorado state employees will also be entitled to sick leave or be free to work from home if they’re able to, Polis said. The governor urged private businesses to extend paid sick leave to their employees to encourage them not to come to work sick.

Massachusetts just declared a state of emergency after 92 residents tested positive for the coronavirus

Massachusetts declared a state of emergency on Tuesday in an effort to manage a “significant uptick” of coronavirus cases. 

“Today, I’m declaring a state of emergency in Massachusetts,” Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said. “This declaration will give our administration more flexibility to respond to this evolving outbreak.” 

Marylou Sudders, the state’s health and human services secretary, announced on Tuesday 51 new “presumptive positive” cases of the coronavirus, bringing the state’s total number of cases to 92. 

R.I. Governor Raimondo declares a state of emergency over coronavirus

Last week, state health officials said they had decided against declaring a state of emergency because the state had not seen widespread community transmission of the virus. But today, the state’s health director, Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, noted that there has been community spread in nearby states.

When asked if it was a mixed message to declare an emergency while urging calm, Raimondo said, “What I’m saying to the people of Rhode Island is: We need to take action. This is real. This is here. We expect more cases.

But at the same time, she said, “Statistically and factually, the risk to the average Rhode Islander at this point is low.”

The state has set up two coronavirus testing sites in large tents that are at locations away from hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other health facilities to try to keep people who may be infected away from patients who have compromised immune systems, Department of Health spokesman Joseph Wendelken said.

Those sent to the testing sites by their doctors may be able to “drive-through” — that is, stay in their cars as health workers reach through the window to swab their nose. Samples will be sent to the state Health Labs for analysis.

State officials did not say where the testing sites are located because they are only for people referred by a health professional.

C.T. Gov. Ned Lamont declares state of emergency as state steps up coronavirus response

Responding to increasing alarm about the spread of the 2019 coronavirus, Gov. Ned Lamont joined governors in nearby states and declared both a public health emergency and a civil preparedness emergency on Tuesday.

A public health emergency gives the state power over quarantine, while a civil preparedness emergency grants the governor broad powers over state institutions, allowing him to restrict travel, close public schools and buildings and more.

Connecticut currently has four confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, but officials anticipate a spike as the virus spreads and testing continues. Lamont had said as recently as Monday that he was not ready to declare a state of emergency.

Lamont said Tuesday that one patient who has tested positive for the coronavirus lives in Bethlehem and has children in the school system there. With that in mind, all Region 14 schools will close indefinitely, he said.

So far, Connecticut has tested 75 patients for the coronavirus, including 19 tests Tuesday for which the state is awaiting results.

The emergency declaration “gives us the opportunity to give us more testing capacity faster,’’ Lamont said. “We’re ready to ramp up our testing capacity in a dramatic way. The only way that we can get that done statewide is if I have the opportunity and the ability to speed up some of the public health regulations that will give some of these amazing providers that chance’’ to increase testing.

Oregon declares coronavirus state of emergency

As the number of known cases of the novel coronavirus in Oregon doubled Sunday, Gov. Kate Brown said she was declaring a state of emergency “to ensure that we are able to swiftly deploy the personnel and resources necessary to address coronavirus in Oregon.”

Brown said the declaration would give Oregon Health Authority and the Office of Emergency Management “all the resources at our state’s disposal to stem the spread of this disease.”

The state of emergency will remain in effect for 60 days but can be extended as needed until the outbreak is contained, Brown said.

Effectively, officials said the declaration will allow the health authority to

-Create more COVID-19 testing sites at more regional hospitals.

-Bring in emergency volunteer healthcare professionals to add service, especially in rural communities.

-Expand telemedicine, or remote care, so patients can be screened and in some cases treated without exposing more people to the virus.

The Oregon Legislative Emergency Board also will consider a $5 million request on Monday to fund the response state’s coronavirus outbreak.

The state is not imposing any quarantine or social distancing rules during this new state of emergency and is not recommending isolation for people who are not sick or at risk.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency on Friday

Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear declared a state of emergency on Friday, March 6.

“While the overall threat to Kentuckians is still low, we as a state are going to take every necessary action to protect our people,” Beshear said during a press conference. “So, about five minutes ago, I filed a state of emergency so that we would have every tool that we could need to address this issue and ultimately protect our people.”

Beshear’s announcement came after the state confirmed its first case of coronavirus.

As of Monday, March 9, there are four confirmed cases of coronavirus in Kentucky. Seventeen people have tested negative for the virus.

N.C. Gov. Cooper declares state of emergency over coronavirus

Democratic North Carolina governor Roy Cooper declared a state of emergency over COVID-19 at a noon press conference March 10. 

The declaration activates the Emergency Operations Center, which will help agencies coordinate their responses, according to a press release from Cooper’s office.

A state of emergency also allows the state government to protect consumers from price gouging, increases county health departments’ access to state funds and makes it easier to purchase essential medical supplies, the release said. 

Dr. Mandy Cohen, secretary of the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, outlined the state’s recommendations for people at high risk — people over the age of 65 or with underlying health conditions should avoid large gatherings as much as possible, including church services, concerts and sporting events.

Cohen also recommended facilities that where many adults live, including nursing homes, long-term care facilities and correctional facilities, restrict visitation as much as possible.

N.J. Gov Phil Murphy declares state of emergency in New Jersey

Gov. Phil Murphy declared a state of emergency and a public health emergency on Monday, effective immediately, to “contain the spread of COVID-19” as the number of coronavirus cases in the state grow

“The State of New Jersey is committed to deploying every available resource, across all levels of government, to help respond to the spread of COVID-19 and keep our residents informed,” said Murphy in a statement.

“My administration will continue to work closely with our federal partners to ensure that local health agencies on the front lines of the state’s response are equipped with the resources needed to further prepare our health care system for a broader spread of COVID-19,” Murphy said in a statement.

By declaring a state of emergency and a public health emergency, Murphy gives the state more flexibility to waive or suspend rules “which would be detrimental to the public welfare during this emergency,” according to the order. It also helps increase access to resources such as health care and allows towns and counties to be reimbursed by the federal government for certain related costs. 

It’s the first time that a governor has declared a public health emergency under current state law, said Murphy’s communications director, Mahen Gunaratna. That order lasts for 30 days and would have to be extended after that, if needed, he said. 

State of emergency declared in California over coronavirus

Standing in a state Capitol media briefing room flanked by health officials, Gov. Gavin Newsom officially declared a state of emergency in California over the novel coronavirus on Wednesday afternoon. The governor’s declaration came hours after California had announced its first death from the illness, which has now been reported in 12 counties in the state and sickened more than 50 people.

Way For The Rich To Get Richer

Now this theory is an addition to the other theories. Most know Trump will be reelected again; what a great way to control the markets by causing havoc globally to drive all global markets to a reset period which was about the time before Trump was elected. The goal was to plan a epidemic; First step is to sell stocks you have before the virus outbreak. Step two; buy the stocks at it’s lowest rates when the stock market crashed. Now the plan is for them to wait till Trump is reelected which they know they cant stop! Then they will cash on the profits.

Possible Way To Force Vaccinations/Disarming Of Public?

Since the so called deadly coronavirus has made a global impact on humans; the only method of control of the virus will be a vaccine. But the bad thing about that is; it wont work and will only cause more harm and issues among the population. Vaccines don’t work period! So under false pretenses they will make forced vaccinations mandatory; as we already seen the religious exemptions already being removed in the United States.

Now we get on to the disarmament of the public; with the passing of many ‘red flag’ laws across the nation; state governments have already displayed they’re arm of resistance of taking control of gun control and allowing them to remove your guns via court order if they think any kind of danger is present. So with the declaration of emergency in many states; what would stop them from disarming the public if chaos erupts when people are under lock-down with no supplies? This just plays into the FEMA/Martial Law conspiracy which could likely happen, or is just a test for another time in the future…

Could this all be fake news?

What if China started this fake news virus situation? Or could it be the United Nations? WHO? Not sure but it could all be a giant hoax which has worked so well to create panic and ways for governments to secretly pass laws/budgets and other nonsense bills that will fly under the radar because everyone is focusing on coronavirus. What happened to Epstein news, what about all the other stuff that has happened but hasn’t gotten media attention? Surely other things are happening. Don’t forget about the depopulation plan of the United Nations outlined in Agenda 21 and the others which have been planned since the beginning of time? One minute there is a man of TV claiming he was cured by bed rest, and drinking all gatorade. When people start dropping dead in America much like Iran, China and Italy; I might rethink this theory of fake news. I just find it hard to believe that it’s spreading this fast and quickly if it wasn’t being deliberately sprayed on the public. Or could it be coming in the air from the jet stream? How about radiation pneumonitis? This has similar x-ray images to those who had coronavirus- could Fukushima radiation finally made an impact on the world? Or is everything an unknown? Is it even true? Could these sick patients on the media be all actors? We didn’t trust the Mainstream media before; so how can we do that now? Don’t forget there is always something that happens every election year. I don’t think they can/will use this to postpone the elections…Proceed with caution.

I will be updating the site more; I took a week off to prepare… You should do the same – better safe than sorry