DC Prepares for Large-Scale War ?

There has been some major conspiracies and visual evidence floating around the internet. There is possibly something major about to go down.. Please Prepare.. Better Safe Than sorry. So we have 30,000 troops have been called into Washington DC so far. This is over ten times the troops in Afghanistan. There are also a staggering amount of reinforcements including police and fire personnel being deployed to Washington, DC from across the USA:

• The 56th Striker Brigade Combat Team (the 8-wheeled, medium armor military vehicles)

• Troop B of the 102nd Cavalry Regiment

• The 114th Infantry Regiment

• The 508th Military Police Company

• The 229th Military Police Company

• Several more MP companies

• The 229th Brigade Engineer Battalion

• The 160th Engineer Company

• The 261st Theater Tactical Signal Brigade

• The 198th Expeditionary Signal Battalion (VSAT and comms unit)

• The 1049th Transportation Company (aviation transportation)

• The 262nd Component Repair Company

• The 108th Wing (Refueling and Air Recon)

• The 177th Fighter Wing (Air-to-Air F-16 Air Defense against incoming airborne attacks)

• The 105th Airlift Wing (aviation transportation)

• The 174th Attack Wing (drones big and small)

• The 166th Security Forces Squadron (for air assets)

An estimated 2.5 million rounds of 556 ammo that have been deployed to the zone

500,000 of 50-caliber rounds for the machine guns on the striker vehicles

In addition, Patriot Missile batteries are being positioned in Tennessee and North Georgia mountains. Ground-to-Air missiles to knock out incoming missiles.

There are also reports of 40-foot Costco containers from China showing up across the USA, which Mike Adams says these are the “Club K” containers, which house Cruise Missiles from China.

They’re activated via satellite. “So China sends out a satellite command and then all over the country, these containers pop up and Cruise Missiles freaking come out and the just start hitting targets all over America; the Capitol Buildings, infrastructure targets, power grid, water, the White House – whatever…DC is being locked down like war is coming.” And let’s not forget the rumors of 250,000 troops stages across the Canadian and Mexican borders.

30,000 troops in DC, armed to kill is a lot of security for a “virtual inauguration” but Secretary of Defense Chris Miller says it’s not enough and he’s begging governors for more troops. This, for a city that is now totally barricaded with 8-floot “unscalable” fences and cement barricades and where people on a certain list are not permitted to leave the city with their car. National ID is checking identification of citizens on streets. There is also talk of the celebrities already canceled their performances. Why would they also need an air squadron?

Anon’s fantasize that a giant FEMA camp is being built around the Capitol, making it easy to arrest all of the corrupt swap but this is way bigger maybe? I mean that’s trusting the plan and Castle Rock seems to be fulfilled now… We will have to wait and see…

One of these nightmare scenarios is that after the swearing-in, Biden will unleash something so horrific and unlawful and crushing to Americans that it would trigger a massive civil uprising. Or…

“Joe Biden may be planning to surrender to China. Articles of surrender may already be prepared and the minute he’s sworn-in, he may surrender the United States to the Communist Chinese. That would cause the kind of uproar that DC may be planning for.”or Biden could be a target of assassination and then later blamed on Trump supporters.

In addition, DC is under electromagnetic jamming. Cellphones and radios don’t work in DC but military communications do. This build-up is clearly not about inauguration protestors. This is about stopping an enemy action, an invasion attempt of some kind… Could it be the Storm or just a war with foreign country?

It seems clear that an undeclared war is on the brink of the horizon… Can we still hope Trump will come out swinging; but what if there is no clear declared President after the 20th? Could Trump Declare a Continuity of Government?

In 2012, President Obama issued two Executive Orders that will greatly expand the presidential powers in the event of a national emergency.

The March 2012 Executive Order gives the President the authority to commandeer all U.S. domestic resources, including food and water, and seize all energy and transportation infrastructure within the United States. The order also allows authorizes the U.S. Government to force its citizens to fulfill labor requirements for the purposes of national defense.

Will anyone be arrested lol? WTF will happen… The million dollar question. Lets hope it ain’t a total SHTF.. Or it could be another NOTHING……. Stay Tuned, Stay Alert!

Bonus Conspiracy: Shattered Union PC game shows nuclear attack on DC killing Congress on inauguration day