Facebook to create VR world called Horizon

Facebook is creating an immersive environment called Horizon to tempt people into spending more time in virtual reality.

The VR app will be a mix of social places where users can mingle and chat, and other areas where they can play games against each other.

People will inhabit and explore the virtual spaces via a cartoon avatar.

The app will be made available and tested in early 2020, by a small group of Facebook users.

Details about Horizon and early footage of the virtual space were shown off at Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6 developer conference this week.

Facebook said anyone using Horizon would be able to call on human “guides” to help them navigate and become more familiar with the virtual environment.

The guides will not be “moderators” who will police behaviour, said Facebook. It added that it would include tools that let people manage how they interact with other users.

It will also have options that let people shape and build their own part of the environment. They will also be able to design their own avatars.

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