FEMA to Conduct Chemical Contamination Operation on Food Supply

HDIACWe have barely entered into 2014 and we are already witnessing the largest chemical attack the world has never known. The chemical war is being conducted in food, land, water, and even in the very air we breathe.
On February 26 FEMA will be conducting a virtual exercise that involves a chemical incident scenario that contaminates the food supply. Weeks before the exercise the government in partnership with the Resource & Resources in Food Protection will hold a Webinar on assessing the potential adverse effects of contamination of the drinking water distribution system.
Not much is known about the chemical-food exercise outside the exercise design team and participants. What we do know is that it part of a comprehensive 2014 exercise schedule that includes radiation, pandemic, wildfires, and environmental issues.
With each day, our risk increases for chemical contamination in the food supply. After World War II drug manufacturers got a strong-hold into agriculture. Foods that you know and love are being treated with a barrage of chemicals before they ever get to your dinner plate. Not even food packaging or labeling is safe from chemicals seeping into and contaminating your food.
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