Sandy Manipulated To Disrupt Presidential Elections.. Will Provide Shortages And Riots?

Listen closely to what these weather people and news broadcasters are saying about this Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy. They are telling us exactly what is going to happen, remember, ‘they’ love to ‘telegraph their punches’. There have been rumors for quite some time that these elections wouldn’t happen due to some ‘October surprise’. Couldn’t it very well be that our ‘October Surprise’ will be a man made weather event that ‘knocks out power to millions’? We know that HAARP is busy! We’re warned of catastrophe. ‘They’ know something! See This Post: Insiders Say Obama Held Secret Meeting Day’s Before The Hurricane; Did he request a huge storm? More research will be placed below video:

Now most of the states on the east coast are on ‘State of Emergency’ I don’t know if Martial Law is yet declared but I have a feeling that it is.. See our post: North Wildwood NJ: Placing Fire Trucks on National Guard Flatbeds So that means the National Guard is operating within the U.S which means that there has to be a suspension of all regulations.. Now will we see more towns inviting the military in? Not to mention Obama has signed a new executive order the other day. See our post: Obama Signs New Executive Order Expanding Homeland Security Mission Now this is interesting because a lot has happened within the couple last week, including the Benghazi emails, Donald Trumps Offer and this lawsuit against the government and huge banks – See our post: CNBC Exec’s Children Murdered; 1 Day After CNBC Reports $43 Trillion Bankster Lawsuit Ill post some information I found online:
National Guard Called Up For Hurricane Sandy Will Obama Declare Martial Law, Suspend Elections

Now I don’t know how accurate that information is in the above video but it seems reasonable including the information that was given to the MSM. “FEMA will be here in a few days” They are also comparing this storm with older hurricanes that caused massive devastation to homes/surrounds and also to the wild life/food supply.. So will we also have shortages of food which has been said by all major government agencies? Or the riots predicted by George Soros? Well I have found something that might confirm a part of the above video:
61,000 National Guard troops prep for Hurricane Sandy

ARLINGTON, Va. – National Guard members and residents along the East Coast prepared today for Hurricane Sandy, which gained strength as it churned toward the eastern seaboard.
The storm was barreling north from the Caribbean and was expected to make landfall early Tuesday near the Delaware coast, then hit two winter weather systems while moving inland, creating the potential for a monster storm, according to the Associated Press.
At least 61,000 National Guard members are on hand, Guard officials said today.
As of 1:30 p.m. EDT Yesterday, governors in Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Virginia and the mayor of Washington D.C., have declared states of emergency.
In Delaware, Gov. Jack Martell advised residents, “Be prepared to leave and be prepared to stay.” Delaware state agencies are planning for the worst, Martell said Friday.
National Guard units in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia are coordinating with authorities in the event Sandy makes landfall as predicted.
North Carolina alone has 10,000 Citizen-Soldiers standing by if needed.
“We are monitoring Hurricane Sandy closely and coordinating with our federal, state and local partners to ensure a coordinated and efficient response,” said Gen. Frank J. Grass, chief of the National Guard Bureau. “Units across the National Guard are making the necessary preparations to respond to the needs of any states affected by Hurricane Sandy; rest assured the National Guard is poised and ready to provide proven responders and capabilities.”
According to National Weather Service officials, the Category I storm could weaken into a tropical storm before it hits land in the Northeast/New England coast, but it could drop as much as 10 inches of rain along the coast on its northerly trajectory. If it collides with arctic air moving from the north and an early winter storm moving from the west, Sandy could potentially turn into what some weather officials are calling the “perfect storm.”
In Delaware, the 142nd Aeromedical Evacuation Squadron has nurses and med techs already on standby, while the Air Guard is moving all flyable equipment out of the storm’s path over the weekend. The Army Guard will be sheltering helicopters until the storm passes, at which point they can fly into action as needed, Delaware National Guard officials said.
“We are joined in a cooperative effort – to save lives, protect property, and support recovery efforts,” Gen. Grass said.
The Delaware and New York Public Affairs offices and Air Force Maj. Gary Arasin contributed to this story.

The National Guard sets up shelters in Monmouth County, NJ

The New Jersey National Guard today is helping prepare for as many as 1,700 evacuees who are expected to arrive tonight and tomorrow at two shelters in Monmouth County, Major Keith Mackey said. According to Mackey, Operations Officer for Infantry 1-114th, infantry Batallion, shelter locations are being set up at:
• Monmouth University, MAC Center, 400 Cedar Ave, Long Branch;
• Arthur Brisbane Child Treatment Center, 4240 County Road 524, Wall.
The Monmouth University site will be accepting as many as 1,400 people, while the Brisbane location will accept about 300 people, Mackey said.
There are three other staging locations or “contact points” that evacuees will be brought to first to prepare them for their stay and record their whereabouts, Mackey said. They are:
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Many Gas Stations Are Out Of Fuel.. No Deliveries Till After The Storm…
Some areas on the East Coast are now out of gasoline and diesel as many people have filled up their tanks and other containers for their generators or for stockpiling purposes. There has been huge lines reported at most of the east coast stations. The power companies are now saying: Expect 7- to 10- Day Power Outages…
Or if not more so if you don’t have a generator; your screwed and not to mention, I might not have internet to post anything over a week which is insane! There is no doubt in my mind that this storm is ‘engineered’ to disrupt something, maybe the elections or something else? But the MSM says: Gas Prices Could Rise Due To ‘Frankenstorm’ Notice how they always mention Frankenstorm to subliminally tell you something about the storm.. It’s engineered! Here are the photos of stores and gas stations around the east coast. Everything is SOLD OUT! Like I said; they are saying that they will NOT be getting any deliveries until the storm has passed and who knows if they will have electricity, fuel and drivers to deliver the goods to the stores but will their be enough to go around? We will have to see but here is the evidence which the MSM denies to report:

Highest HAARP Readings Ever 10+ In The Northeast

Strongest readings in the history of this project have peaked. A never before seen white-shade indicates that a value higher than 10 on the 1-10 scale has been indicated. It has no color assigned!

UPDATE: Almost 30 Days Ago An Unknown Source Claims East Coast Weather Disaster:

About 2 weeks ago my mom called me to see if I had a bug out plan, which is interesting because we have never talked about anything like this. We have discussed politics, religion and various other issues, but nothing along the lines of “What do we do if the shit hits the fan?”
Her reasoning behind this is that her best friend of 37 years called her and said that her daughter and son-in-law were called into a private meeting on base regarding a probable evacuation scenario of the East Coast. (Son-in-law is in the Special Forces, apparently high up. I think the base was Ft. McPhearson in Georgia).
From what she said, the daughter and SIL where brought in and made to sign a non-disclosure agreement saying they would tell no one, under the penalty of treason, what they were told during the meeting. They were told that in 4-6 weeks (this was around 9/20) the East Coast would experience some type of disaster that would cause it to be under water. They were also told to make a go bag and be prepared to leave at a moments notice.
That is about all I have. This does come from someone I trust, and someone who trusts her daughter and son-in-law. I don’t see any reason for them to make it up or freak out over a routine or drill. From what my moms friend says the military does not do these types of drills without warning everyone that it is just a drill. She has been married to a military man for 20 years.
On a separate note, one of my best friends brother who is in the Special Forces went AWOL about 2 weeks ago. Went home to see his family in Texas then disappeared.
So that’s about it. Has anyone heard anything along these lines? I have read that the east coast is in for one hell of a winter, but that’s all I have heard.

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