Nashville, TN False Flag Bombing – Message To Someone?

This post was going to go up earlier but had a family problem. I included some interesting information which proves there is something shady that is going on right now in America. Many people online claim this is tied to Dominion voting systems since the voting machines in question have been given to AT&T to do an audit on it, but that isn’t true since there is no factual proof to this claim; but I did find some interesting things. The first piece of evidence proves that; the deep state or domestic/foreign terrorists could have been planning this even for months now:

The Nashville Tennessean published a full-page ad warning “Islam is going to detonate a nuclear device in Nashville, Tennessee” back on June 21, 2020

Now before you claim the ad above is a fake…. Tennessean apologizes, launches investigation after ‘horrific’ ad runs in print editions – This article was posted on June 21 a couple hours after the ad was published in the morning newspaper edition. The post was also updated on the 23rd and it reads:

The Tennessean is investigating how a paid advertisement from a fringe religious group was published on Sunday in violation of the newspaper’s long-established standards. The ad featured a bizarre, pseudo-religious “prophecy,” including the declaration of an impending nuclear attack in Nashville by “Islam.”

The ad was immediately ordered to be pulled from future editions by sales executives and the investigation launched. A similar ad, one that did not mention Islam but also contained an end-times prophecy, published in the newspaper on June 17.


FAA declares skies around Nashville bombing site as ‘National Defense Airspace’

The Federal Aviation Administration has classified the airspace around the site of Friday morning’s bombing in downtown Nashville as “National Defense Airspace,” saying “deadly force” could be used as a last resort against pilots appearing to pose a security threat.

An alert issued by the FAA warned pilots of the temporary flight restrictions for one nautical mile, which is approximately 1.15 miles, around the site of the explosion along Second Avenue North near Commerce Street.

Pilots not adhering to the restrictions “may be intercepted, detained and interviewed by law enforcement/security personnel,” according to the alert. It stated the FAA could impose civil penalties and suspension or revocation of airmen certificates, while the United States government could pursue criminal charges or “use deadly force” against the aircraft if it is determined that it “poses imminent security threat.”

The restrictions are effective Friday through 4:45 p.m. on Dec. 30.


RV Warning Message…

This above is the security camera footage of the audio warning before the explosion took place.. It’s weird because why play a warning message; did they not plan to hurt anyone? Maybe just send a message? More on that later in post:

RV Played Warning Message Prior To Nashville Bomb Explosion, Blast Captured On Security Camera

According to CNN, Metro Nashville Police Department responded to a call of gunshots in the early morning when they found a strange RV parked in front of an AT&T transmission building on 2nd Avenue North.

The RV was playing a recorded message that said a bomb was going to explode. And while no evidence of gunshots were present, multiple witness recalled hearing them. Police called in the bomb squad to investigate the RV who were in the process of responding when the RV exploded.

“We do believe this to have been an intentional act,” said police Chief John Drake. “Significant damage has been done to the infrastructure there on 2nd Avenue North.”

But when the message is played backwards; you get: Merry Christmas – This was uploaded by an anon on the forum:

Prior to the explosion, officers had gone door-to-door or apartment-to-apartment to inform residents of the situation, Aaron said. One man walking a dog on 2nd Avenue was redirected by an officer just before the RV exploded.

I noticed this interesting bit of information listed on the MSM news article. Now why would police be going door-to-door to notify residents to evacuate for short period of time? Because it also states if they hadn’t done this, lives would have been lost. Did they know it was going to explode before it actually did? Were only left with more questions but they identified the suspect as of this afternoon:

63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner

But those anons who found his address; there is a similar looking RV but those people speculate this is not the same RV pictures they released since the stripes are little different:

Compared to This, Maybe missing a stripe?:

Could this just be a distraction or a patsy to take the blame for the bombing. The story can go two ways at the moment; ANTIFA or Trump supporter.. They will claim the trump support read crazy theories online about the election… Or they will blame on ANTIFA and remove these domestic terrorists from our America? Could it be the CCP? There is just so many ways this story can play out but lets dig little deeper in the building it was parked in front-of.

166 2nd Ave. North Nashville, TN 37201

UPDATED: But another theory is the white-hats got to the bomb first and did a controlled demolition per the anon post on the boards (This could all be B.S.) :

Now this is why people could have heard gun shots before the explosion, and the message could have been part of the controlled demolition which was caught on camera but if you read above, you would find out the police were going door-to-door before the bomb exploded. Also in the video above, you can see the actually energy of the explosion was massive, if that went off during the day with traffic on the roads and people walking would have been a massive attack.

Ill include the other coincidences which relate to businesses of AT&T and Dominion Voting Which I am still researching at the moment; hard to come by any information with proof. So far this is all weird info relating to the RV, before and after the explosion….