Nashville Bomber blew himself up at AT&T building because he feared 5G is spying on Americans

Buried in the Mainstream article is a reference to the 5G conspiracy. I assume they will try to blame Qanon or conspiracy theorists for this attack, since fringe topics can go viral online. What’s next the lockdown of the internet? We all know the cyber-pandemic we have heard from these ‘think-tanks’ but what is even stranger is; the so called bomber gifted a house to someone he doesn’t know in California? Strange… I highlighted the part about 5G

A 29-year-old mother who was given two homes worth $409,000 for free by the man identified as a person of interest in the Nashville Christmas Day bombing has said she had no knowledge of the property exchange.

Michelle Swing, who lives in Los Angeles, claims she was unaware Anthony Quinn Warner, 63, had signed the $160,000 Bakertown Road property raided on Saturday away to her last month via a quitclaim deed.

Swing’s signature does not appear on the November 25 transfer.

‘In the state of Tennessee you can deed property to someone else without their consent or their signature or anything,’ Swing told

‘I didn’t even buy the house he just deeded it over to me without my knowledge. So this all very weird to me, that’s about all I can say.’

However, Warner also transfered another home on Bakertown Road to Swing via a quitclaim deed last year. 

The $249,000 house had previously belonged a member of his family and Warner had only been in possession of it for five months before again giving it to Swing for free. She later also used a quitclaim to give the house to another person.   

Swing declined to say whether she had ever met Warner or whether she had family links to him, adding: ‘I’ve been told to direct everything else to FBI.’  

FBI agents swarmed the $160,000 property on Saturday morning in their hunt for the mystery RV driver behind the devastating blast outside Nashville’s AT&T building.

The Christmas morning explosion is now thought to have been the result of a suicide bombing after it was revealed that human remains had been recovered at the scene and officials said they were not looking for another suspect. 

According to WSMV Nashville, the FBI are working on tips that Warner was paranoid about the idea that Americans are being spied on using 5G, which could explain why the RV exploded outside of an AT&T transmission center. 

Widespread WIFI and cell phone outages hit Tennessee and Kentucky after the the blast, bringing down local 911 and emergency service phone systems. 

The telecommunications issues also caused problems for Nashville International Airport which were forced to temporarily shut off some flight paths as a result.  

Agents also spent time searching another location on Saturday, as well as Warner’s home, and spoke to a Nashville real estate agent who called in to say Warner used to work for him. 

Steve Fridrich told WSMV that Warner was a subcontractor who had done IT work for him for years. He claimed agents asked him about whether Warner had spoken about 5G in the past but he said no.   

‘Nice guy. You know, he was a techie guy – don’t mean anything negative about that. He would do this thing and leave. He didn’t bother anybody. He did his thing and leave,’ Fridrich said. 

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