Robbery, Burglary and Theft is on a Steady Rise in Chicago

Chicago, IL: Unfortunately the really sad news is the robbery rate is increasing across Chicago like in most other metro areas. According to robbery is up 17% (2422) when compared from this time last year in 2021 (2063). Moreover according to burglary is up 36% (2155) from this time last year in 2021 (1584). But, these are not the only shocking crime stats from the Chicago Police Department. Theft is up a whooping 66% (4655) from this time last year in 2021 (2801) based in the stats from .

The latest brazen robbery occurred when three armed men approached a retired armed sheriff to rob him. One of the men had a gun to the sheriff’s back while he was being robbed during daylight hours. Next, the retired sheriff turned around and opened fire on the the armed robber. He shot the armed robber in head. In addition, the armed robber returned fire but fortunately didn’t hit the victim or pedestrians nearby. Also, the armed robber is in critical condition and the other two robbers were arrested by Chicago police.

Security Tips to Protect Yourself!

It is advisable that people don’t make themselves a target for robbery by flaunting cash and expensive jewelry. Moreover, criminals may target you if you happen to drive a luxury vehicle. In addition, drive to your nearest police station you suspect that you are being followed by criminals. Also, call the police and wait in your car if driving to a nearby police station isn’t possible.

Also, a lot of security tools are available to protect your home. Installing a door bell camera with interior and exterior cameras improves your home security. Another tremendous home security tool is having a home security system with monitoring installed by an alarm company. Moreover personal alarms can help signal to neighbors that you are in a crisis and need help. In addition, door jams and reinforcement devices can make it harder for criminals to break down your doors to gain entry.

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