Travelers to Utah will now have to complete a Travel Declaration

The governor of Utah has announced that out-of-state travelers will now have to sign a declaration upon entering the state. One of the checkpoints is at the I-70 Colorado-Utah border.

Utah’s governor announced that anyone over 18-years-old traveling to Utah will have to complete a travel declaration starting April 10. The declaration will include questions about whether they’ve been tested, have symptoms and where they have recently traveled. Drivers will receive a text message through the state emergency system upon entering the state with a link to a declaration form.

If Easter travels have you visiting Utah, you can expect something a little different.

“We’re asking everybody; visitors, residents and people that work in the state to fill out the online form,” said Utah Department of Transportation’s John Gleason.

Those that enter Utah will receive an alert.

“What happens is when they come in from Colorado, they are going to receive a text that asks them to fill out an online form within three hours of a stop,” Gleason said.

This in an effort to track and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Even ahead of the holiday weekend, it is unknown how many people will be crossing state lines.

(john gleason) “Easter weekend is generally one of those weekends where we would see a lot of travel,” said Gleason. “I guess that remains to be seen with the current situation on our roads right now. On any given day, we are seeing a 30-50% traffic reduction on all of our major routes.”

The online declarations will go on as long as it’s needed.

“We just want to make sure we are being welcoming to visitors,” Gleason said. “That’s still the case. We just really want to make sure we are using every tool available to help stop the spread of this virus.”