has been removed from Google Ads

Not sure if you have seen the posts on Twitter and Facebook about our site being removed from Google Adsense after 10 years. They showed a couple example links which were Epstein related. Surprise surprise! They claim our site has little value to advertisers.

I repealed their request of blocking entire advertisements to the site, same response. 🙁 Look I always been supporting the conspiracy/alternative news community. Always supported freedom of speech/information. Spent my own time every single day, finding interesting articles; piecing together the conspiracy.

So I’m kindly asking our readers to support us in any way you can. I have setup a patreon for time-being – I have never asked much from our readers; Please give us a little support for the hosting fees. If you wanna donate via paypal – message me on Facebook page or our twitter. Thanks and if this doesn’t pan out, Ill be forced to shut down the site for good. The sad thing is ‘They’ Won….